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Indian Culture: Traditions and Facts about India

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Indian Culture has now become famous all over the world. We refer to India and its culture as something diverse and extraordinary. Indian Culture is full of special traditions and conventions. There intriguing traditions started from the Ancient Indian scriptures and texts, which have directed the lifestyle in India for a large number of years.

Indian Culture Facts


Kathak Dance

Kathak is a type of traditional Indian dance emerging out of north India.

Kathak is known for its liquid dances portraying famous stories from Hindu folklore.


Holi Festival

It is the best-known holiday in India, Holi is the Hindu festival of color (also known as “festival of love”)


Tandoori Chicken

Chicken is among the most famous meats eaten by numerous non-vegans in India. Tandoori chicken is an acclaimed dish known for its searing red shading.


Bhangra Punjab

Known for its energizing moves and drawing in exhibitions, bhangra is a dance that started in Punjab, yet has developed into a global marvel.



The lungi is a long, sarong-like garment worn by men all through south India.

This garment is firmly fitted and ordinarily achieves mid-calf or more. Like the Scottish kilt, it arrives in an assortment of colors relying upon the state and event.


South Indian Movies

Where Bollywood (which started in West India) is more famous around the globe, South Indian films have likewise picked up energy and prominence after some time also.

These motion pictures are made in languages like Tamil and Telugu instead of Hindi, and huge numbers of them handle more genuine topics than a regular Bollywood film.


Garba Dance

Garba is a dance form that is frequently seen when Hindu celebrates occasion of Navratri.


Ice Skating club in shimla

Ice skating is a prominent chilly climate side interest here, and the city of Shimla offers the biggest ice skating arena in India.

Indian Culture Marriage

Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage

Arranged marriages is the most preferred way of Indians. Parents and other relatives decide on a life partner that they consider appropriate for their kid in the event of an arranged marriage. They have distinct variables in mind, different for boys and girls, while looking for an appropriate match to attach their names to them.

Love Marriage

Love Marriage

Instances of marriage of love in India are still small. The social fabric of society has become more flexible over the past several decades and now girls are treated equal to boys. As a consequence, communication between the opposite sex has grown significantly, contributing to the country’s enhanced proportion of love marriages.

The phenomena, however, remain restricted to urban and semi-urban areas. Although love marriages still do not enjoy the same consideration and place as arranged marriages in culture.

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